Wind Scenario Model

As part of exploring new market opportunities within the renewable energy sector, a forecasting and supply chain cost modeling tool for the wind industry has been developed called the Wind Scenario Model (WSM). The WSM tool estimates the total market (in MW) both on a regional and global scale and further outlines and segregates the shipping and logistics spend until 2050 for the wind sector.

With a 30+ year outlook, the Wind Scenario Model can assist companies in making long-term investments in for example ports, shipyards, land areas, and ocean going vessels. The WSM tool can furthermore aid in market sizing the competitive outlook for wind including key developments and trends on a global scale.

Finally, the WSM tool offers a long-term view useful for investment purposes, especially where assets with a life-span of long time periods are involved.

Click HERE to view a presentation given by Managing Partner, Thomas Poulsen, on his MBA thesis including the Wind Scenario Model.