Research Project

At Renewable Energy Solutions, our Managing Partner, Thomas Poulsen, is currently doing his PhD. The PhD is a research project with focus on global wind energy shipping, logistics and supply chain management from a strategy and business model perspective.

The main objectives of the PhD research project are:

  • Quantification of the wind energy market: Analysis of wind energy market size, technology, and on-going R+D efforts
  • Wind energy supply chains: Analysis of current and future supply chain designs, strategies, and business models
  • End-to-end wind energy supply chain costs: Analysis of generic supply chain cost estimates and detailed cost component analysis
  • Requirements for market participation: Types of players involved in the supply chain set-up and their roles and responsibilities both at present and in the future
  • Leadership: Establishment of criteria for how to become a market leader locally, regionally, and globally when it comes to wind energy shipping and logistics


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