Renewable Energy Solutions is a sister company to P Solutions and Panther Consulting and has combined the best knowledge of these under a single banner for renewable energy. This has given us the advantage of exploiting the synergies of the overall organization, however, with a unique niche expertise aiming only at renewable energy, with a focus on wind energy.

We are currently working on establishing a broader scope of our consulting business within the wind sector through establishment of a representation in China as an expansion of the brand of Renewable Energy Solutions. We see a huge potential in the Chinese wind market and seek to exploit the advantages of being in one of the most developed and growing wind markets in the world with offices in both Denmark and China.


As the overall objective for Renewable Energy Solutions is to drive clients´ corporate development, our service offerings are centered around crafting new strategies for clients, M&A driven activities, and optimizing the total supply chain management and logistics set-up.

Within P Solutions, we focus on crafting strategies and supporting our clients with both general management issues and interim management resources in order to exploit current assets and activities in a more lean and effective way. Combined with Panther Consulting and Renewable Energy Solutions, this makes us able to undertake big projects where a combination of both strategy and M&A consulting is needed.


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