China's Offshore Wind Ambition

The seminal and exciting reports into one of the biggest wind markets in the world is now free and ready to be downloaded. Understand China like never before. Click on an image to download.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 White Paper

Part 1: Growing Opportunities for Wind Energy in China. A look into the drivers behind China’s changing energy needs and transformation into renewable energy

Part 2: Wind energy development in China. A look at the evolution of the wind energy industry in China and the rise of the offshore wind industry

Part 3: Onshore and offshore wind energy in China. A detailed analysis focusing on developers and OEMs, prevailing R&D trends, the price/quality conundrum, and a market outlook

Part 4: China Offshore Wind Shipping and Logistics Bottlenecks, future opportunities, and a look at the differences between China and Europe

White Paper: If you've liked what you've read so far, get in touch and we can share our white paper on the outlook for the Chinese market.

Presentations and Media
  • A presentation by Managing Partner, Thomas Poulsen about his MBA research on shipping and logistics efforts pertaining to renewable energy power sources, and the Wind Scenario Model. Download presentation here. 
  • Managing Partner, Thomas Poulsen, writes on Shipping Watch about his MBA research and the Wind Scenario Model which stood at the core of it all. Read the article on Shipping Watch here.
  • Hav & Kaj Magazine (2012, nr. 2) write about Managing Partner, Thomas Poulsen, and his MBA research about the great potential shipping and logistics players have in the wind industry in the coming decades. Read the article online here (page 16-17, written in Danish)