Wind Operations & Maintenance

At Renewable Energy Solutions we can:

  • Do Cost Benefit Analysis on existing and future condition monitoring equipment
  • Assess the integration of condition monitoring with maintenance actions
  • Highlight operational constraints
  • Recommend how to maximise the potential of using condition monitoring

All with the goal of increasing the efficiency of your operations and maintenance actions

Data has become ubiquitous: You can track the steps you walk and the hours you sleep. The same is true for wind turbines. Installed condition monitoring and structural health monitoring equipment can collect huge quantities of data for each operating wind turbine.

But is it worth it? Are you making the right decisions with that data? Is it changing how you operate? Is it capturing the failures that you want to capture?


Allan May is a research engineer with a PhD in Offshore Wind Operations. He is one of the great team here at Renewable Energy Solutions.

We can work together with you to provide exciting and innovative analysis of operations work flow and supply chain constraints.

For more information, please contact Allan May via email